Service advantage

Division I to ensure that the coating works, all to the user technical agreement, engineering machinery coating general technical conditions, painting process cards,tender documents and other requirements, and to ensure that no fraud, no doping and other fraud.


Pre-sale Division I provide professional, personalized paint with paint custom services. According to the user's production of product materials and paint on the technical indicators andneeds, for users to develop paint program. International advanced testing equipment to detect the workpiece, accurate to the user to paint the paint of the indicators. To help customers do the project planning and process needs analysis, making our products to the maximum to meet the needs of users, but also to make the customer's investment to play the greatest comprehensive economic benefits.

Sales of our company as a foreign-funded enterprises, fast docking the world's latest paint production and processing and research and development technology, in ensuring the quality of products under the premise of efficient delivery, within 36 hours made with paint program, from the order confirmation to delivery only 72 hours.

Aftermarket I have a perfect after-sales management system. According to business needs, I can send quality inspection staff each line of a, a management staff, better do a good job of product quality control of the daily inspection. To ensure that the quality of spray clearance. Timely detection of leaks, exposed, sagging and other paint defects, and to rework to qualified so far. Managers with the use of enterprises and do site management, coordination of other related matters; weekly meeting review, to improve the lack of parts, and to your company can reduce costs and improve the quality of the feasibility recommendations.



   Enterprises firmly and actively listen to the views of users, so that the user first, user-centric, the concept of the first service, the implementation of family services. At the same time, the staff can at any time by fax, e-mail, etc. will be demand, recommendations and product quality and other information feedback to the  Ministry of Information, and then by the Ministry of Information summary report production, technology, quality inspection and other relevant departments to analyze and help users reduce costs , Improve quality, meet the potential needs of users.


For the user's coating conditions, I can provide the Secretary package package materials integrated construction services, involving the product area: industrial paint and construction projects. A greater degree of time for users to save time to ensure product quality.


Strictly follow: national standards, industry standards, enterprise standards for construction, to ensure product quality clearance. As a foreign-funded enterprises, and actively respond to the call of national energy conservation and environmental protection, so that users buy the rest assured that the use of peace of mind.

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