Spend 8 million US dollars to build Shandong plant on 2006

时间:2006-09-11 16:32:43


In 2006, the company invested 8 million US dollars in Shandong Linyi covers an area of 203 acres of high-tech modern factories, and the introduction of a full set of consistent operation of the precision production equipment and testing equipment, hired Taiwan senior chemical experts, selected high-level resin at home and abroad, And other chemical raw materials, the production of automotive paint, engineering machinery for paint, furniture decoration paint, ship paint, indoor and outdoor architectural coatings, powder coatings and other advanced paint coatings, excellent quality, high performance.

I Division in the love and support from all walks of life, all staff unremitting efforts, excellence, and constantly improve the quality and reduce the cost of users and efforts to perfect the quality of products, fair prices, the concept of environmental protection, sustainable development, integrity, Contribute to society.

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