San De industrial water paint in a well-known domestic construction machinery enterprises put into u

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Since 1st September 2017, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a statement requiring the country's industrial coatings industry strictly control, do environmental protection work, hold up a blue sky. Nowadays, the implementation of industrial water paint in the country is the trend, which is only the Ministry of Environmental Protection, as a business user is also actively cooperate with the Government to create clean sky. Users of the desire for industrial water paint, for the production of industrial coatings more than 20 years line brand San De enterprises, it is inevitable responsibility and mission. San high-end industrial water paint core technology from the island of Taiwan, in September 2015 three German enterprises in China took the lead in the development of industrial water paint, through continuous technological innovation and improvement, the current water paint production line and product technology has been fully mature. Among them, low temperature baking 60 ℃ -80 ℃ can achieve a high degree of gloss requirements, the technology ahead of the world's industrial coatings industry.

In early September, three German industrial water paint to carry out the action to the famous Chinese construction machinery giant giant enterprises, and in the enterprise paint successfully and put into use, get the user praise praise. Paint color, brightness and hiding, and so all the international leading level. Environmental protection site VOC emissions and the technical indicators all meet the EU standard (SGS).

The following three figures are the water paint gloss test results, and outdoor shooting real effect. Three consecutive years of investment in huge amounts of money dedicated to research and development production of environmentally friendly coatings, scientific research and technology in a world leader. Sande enterprises are willing to fight for the development of China's environmental protection cause for the early realization of China's green ecological and contribute.





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