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Promote policy to promote services, optimize the environment and promote development. April 11 to 12, 2013, by the Shandong Provincial Office and the Linyi municipal government co-sponsored the "Qilu Taiwan businessmen Linyi line" activities held successfully, and achieved good results.


"Qilu Taiwan business" activities in Shandong Province Taiwan Office for the province to build a focus on Taiwan to provide policy information services to help Taiwan-funded enterprises to solve the general concern of the platform, this year for the second event. "Qilu Taiwan businessmen Linyi line" activities to "preach 22, optimize the service environment" as the theme. During the event, Shandong Province, five provincial departments and Qingdao customs representatives from different aspects, respectively, on the Shandong Provincial Government Office "on supporting the development of Taiwan-funded enterprises to expand economic and trade cooperation" (that is, Taiwan policy 22) and ECFA The actual content of the actual operation of the refinement and decomposition, and to some of the difficult issues given answers and explanations; Linyi municipal government held an investment promotion, detailed introduction of Linyi City, a good investment environment; organization visited the Mengshan scenic area, Linyi City Planning Exhibition, Economic and Technological Development Zone and some Taiwan-funded enterprises. Dozens of Taiwan Association president, in the Lu Tai and provincial departments together, while walking to see, chatting chat, exchange of ideas, expand the ideas, close ties, embodies the friendship, and achieved good results.

In recent years, the rapid development of economic and trade cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan, 2012 new batch of Taiwan-funded projects 156, the actual use of Taiwan-funded 1.39 billion US dollars, as of the end of 2012, the province approved a total of 8386 Taiwan-funded projects, the actual use of Taiwan-funded 201.7 Billion dollars. In Lu investment in Taiwan businessmen and the people of Shandong together, witnessed the great economic and cultural construction of Shandong great history, in the joint efforts to establish a sincere friendship, became a close friend.

Linyi City Vice Mayor Fang Feng pointed out at the launching ceremony, Linyi City will take this event as an opportunity to further implement the 22 Taiwan policy, and strive for Taiwan businessmen to create a relaxed preferential policy environment, pragmatic and efficient government environment, stability Safe development environment, harmonious and convenient living environment, pro-business people love the public opinion environment, so that more Taiwanese enterprises take root Linyi, in the promotion of "large Linyi, new Linyi" construction to achieve greater development

12th,April, for participate in the activities of personnel visited the national 4A level scenic spot, known as the "natural oxygen bar" Mengshan scenic spot, visited the city planning exhibition in Linyi City, Linyi City Economic and Technological Development Zone to focus on the inspection of the food hardware city, Linong Machinery, Eastern Copper, San Deli Company (Taiwan-funded enterprises), Moon Bay community, Liugong Machinery Hill reconstruction machine and other construction projects, and temporary engineering machinery, three Deli company interested in the construction project Field visit

Sharing the foot of the mountain, meet Yishui shore. With the platform of "Qilu Taiwan Businessmen Linyi Bank", between the Taiwan Association of Taiwan and Taiwan, Taiwan businessmen and Taiwan businessmen, between Taiwan businessmen and government departments to conduct a business communication, a friendship friendship. During the event, the 15th city of Shandong Province, the president of the Association also held a special meeting on the future to strengthen contact and other matters to reach a consensus. Friends of the new friends gathered together, a total of Syria and affectionate friendship, to discuss the development plan, the common experience of Yimeng human history, common taste Yimeng mountain water rhyme. In the common exchange, we agreed that: "Linyi is a good place, good mountain, good water, good air, people better, is a fertile ground for investment and development."

City Linyi, Xu Shaohuang who is the Association President, San Deli Paint Co., Ltd. said that Linyi is a security business, a good place for wealthy businessmen. He called on the broad masses of Taiwan compatriots in the future to understand more Linyi, support Linyi, investment in Linyi, Linyi for the development of common efforts to achieve the dream of economic and trade development of Lu Tai continue to work hard.

   Participate in the activities of Taiwan businessmen have said that such activities are very good, both understand the policy, familiar with Linyi, also exchanged feelings, close contact, very meaningful, hope to hold more such activities later. 

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