Taiwan businessmen general meeting in LinYi

时间:2017-09-06 16:07:54

September 24, 2016, Linyi City, Taiwan compatriots investment enterprises Association of the fourth meeting and the tenth anniversary of the convening of the city leaders, the city directly related departments, the county director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, Taiwan-funded enterprises and guests attended the meeting.


Yinan County Tonghao Electronic Components Co., Ltd., Panfeng Capsule Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhongrui Electric Vehicle Technology Development Co., Ltd., Linyi Xingtai Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., Yinan silica sand Co., Ltd., Shandong Zehui Sports Culture Management Co., Ltd., Linyi Shengquan Mining Co., Ltd. 7 Taiwan Association members of the enterprise executives, Yinan Taiwanese businessmen Deng Wenjie, Gong Shunping was elected to the fourth session of the Council members. Participants have expressed that the Taiwan Association is a bridge between the government and the Taiwan enterprises, and has played a positive role in promoting exchanges and cooperation. As members of the Association, we will further strengthen communication and promote the development of enterprises and make economic and social development for the county Positive contribution.


Mr. Xu Shaoxin, Chairman of Shandong San Deli Group, was elected as the President of the Fourth Taiwan Association. He said that the Taiwan Association should carry out the friendship and exchange activities among the members by serving the members and promoting the economic exchanges and cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. To listen to members of the production and management aspects of the views, suggestions and requirements to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members; to promote local economic exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan; social welfare activities; to help members to solve the work and life difficulties.


At present the country advocated the thirteen five plan pointed out that to properly deal with the pollution caused by industry. Sande Group has long been committed to environmental protection work, the production of paint not only energy-saving emission reduction, and effectively remove the air VOC and reduce haze concentration, and actively respond to national environmental protection call to implement the party's environmental protection will.


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