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October 25, 2016, Shandong San Deli Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. (stock code "San Deli", stock code 838386) in the national SME share transfer system held a grand new board listing ceremony, this means that the company Officially entered the capital market door, to achieve a new leap in the development journey, marking the three Deli into the industry + capital operation of the two-wheel drive fast lane, for the development of the company opened up a broader platform and opportunities; The total issued share capital of 50 million shares.


Three Deli as the first successful listing of Shandong Province, the new three-board Taiwan-funded enterprises, has been the provincial, municipal and district government leaders at all levels of high support and attention. Linyi City Municipal Government Li Zhaohui Deputy Mayor, Shandong Province, Taiwan Affairs Office Wang Qingyu Deputy Inspector, Linyi City Office of Taiwan Affairs Office of the Red Army, Linyi City State Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee Wang Xin, deputy director of the Financial Authority Wang Decheng and Changjiang Securities Shandong Branch Duan Youxia, general manager and other leaders personally attended the listing ceremony, the success of the company listed on the warm congratulations, witnessed this important moment.


At the ceremony, Mr. Xu Shaohuang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, expressed warm congratulations to all the enterprises participating in the listing ceremony. The leaders, guests and national transfer systems, brokers, accountants, lawyers and other collaborators Expressed sincere thanks.

Chairman Xu said in his speech: Capital market entrusted the hope of China's next round of reform and opening up, with the power of capital is also the three benefits to sustainable development and innovation of the important help, the company will use the new three-board platform, the core Management and capital operation, through mergers and acquisitions, to absorb the merger, to attract investment institutions, the introduction of high-end strategic investment partners, the establishment of the paint industry M & A fund, continue to expand diversified cooperation, with a positive and rigorous attitude to explore a variety of capital operation mode , To "take all the way" as the axis to open up overseas markets, to achieve industry + capital of the two-wheel drive model, the three Deli do bigger and stronger.


After the listing of the company will increase efforts to promote the insulation of the real stone paint (patent), the sun reflects the water-insulated water-covered water colorful environmental protection paint (patent) building exterior paint and nano-anion water bag water interior wall paint (patent), nano anion Wall paint (patent), plant sterilization insect repellent water bag water interior paint (patent) and other functional buildings, the external walls of water-based paint and accelerated water-based wood paint, iron parts industrial water-based paint, handicrafts water-based paint market share , And actively grasp the industry's cutting-edge technology to explore the new trend of water-based paint industry and new needs, annual sales revenue of 4% -6% as R & D funding to create energy-saving environmental protection, green chemical-based modern water-based coating ecosystem.


San Deli as the pioneer and explorer of the water-based paint industry, will continue to increase cooperation with scientific research institutions, the introduction of high-tech talent, a positive response, with the national VOC emission reduction policies, vigorously promote and expand all-round water-based industrial paint Application areas, in order to achieve leap-forward growth; the company to build the paint industry, "the first water-based paint."


Based on the domestic, global, built industry standards, a Chinese classic, moral, moral, virtues of the three Deli will continue to write their own new chapter.

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