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Water-based paint, water-based latex paint, water-based acrylic paint, water-based varnish, water-based PU paint widely used in cement substrate crafts, magnesium oxide substrate crafts, ceramic substrate crafts, glass magnesium plate substrate crafts, resin substrate crafts , Wood substrate crafts and other water-based series of crafts paint.


Crafts paint technical parameters


Customers provide color samples


Acrylic Emulsion (Import)


Matte, plain


1.35-1.45kg / L

Drying time:

Surface drying time of 30 minutes, hard for 2 hours, for 24 hours

Theoretical coating amount:

14-16m2 / L (film thickness 35um, depending on the surface conditions may be)

Recoat interval:

2 hours (25 ° C, 50% relative humidity)


More than 55%

Contrast ratio:

0.93 or more

Water resistance:

120 hours without exception

Alkali resistance:

72 hours without exception

Low temperature stability:

3 cycles without deterioration

Coating Moisture resistance:

5 cycles without exception

Artificial aging:

800 hours without blistering, no flaking, no cracks

Construction method:

Brush, roll or spray

Construction environment:

The temperature is not lower than 5 , not higher than 40




20KG color printing iron drum



Crafts Products 1

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Crafts Products 2

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Crafts Products 3

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Crafts Products 4

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