Glass magnesium board

Glass magnesium board products

Glass magnesium plate, also known as fire composite plate (also known as magnesium oxide board) is magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and water ternary system, the configuration and modification agent made of stable performance of magnesia gelled material.

Water-based cement paint, high hardness Varnish for glass magnesium plate substrate, the first spray on the substrate water-based cement paint, and so on and then sprayed with high hardness varnish, the coating is completely dry, the adhesion to 0 , Hardness above 6H.

Crafts paint technical parameters


Customers provide color samples


Acrylic Emulsion (Import)


Matte, plain


1.35-1.45kg / L

Drying time:

Surface drying time of 30 minutes, hard for 2 hours, for 24 hours

Theoretical coating amount:

14-16m2 / L (film thickness 35um, depending on the surface conditions may be)

Recoat interval:

2 hours (25 ° C, 50% relative humidity)


More than 55%

Contrast ratio:

0.93 or more

Water resistance:

120 hours without exception

Alkali resistance:

72 hours without exception

Low temperature stability:

3 cycles without deterioration

Coating Moisture resistance:

5 cycles without exception

Artificial aging:

800 hours without blistering, no flaking, no cracks

Construction method:

Brush, roll or spray

Construction environment:

The temperature is not lower than 5 , not higher than 40




20KG color printing iron drum

Glass magnesium board products


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