Industrial water paint


Product introduction and market background

National 13th Five-Year Plan clearly states that in the field of industrial products and manufacturing to green, environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, sustainable development and other directions to improve the technological content of products, and to improve the competitiveness of products and sustainable development of enterprises As the goal. In the field of industrial coating, the state of energy-saving emission reduction coatings and environmentally friendly coatings continue to improve. Ministry of Finance State Administration of Taxation issued a notice to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, since February 1, 2015 on the battery, paint levy consumption tax, the construction of volatile organic compounds below 420g / L (inclusive) of the paint exemption from consumption tax.


Water-based epoxy primer Water-based polyurethane topcoat: the introduction of Taiwan's high-end engineers using imported water-based epoxy resin and water-based epoxy curing agent; imported water-based polyurethane and acrylic monomer resin and Mercury non-yellowing polyisocyanate curing agent synthetic water-based paint Very low emissions VOCs and even zero emission standards, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection and requirements, the advantages are as follows:

1, water-based epoxy primer and water-based polyurethane finish, the VOCs content of about 60g / L below, and the use of pure water dilution, there is no environmental pollution and damage to the construction and user problems.

2, the use of organic pigments on the human body is basically non-toxic and consistent with the EU standards.

3, in line with strict environmental protection areas such as (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen) environmental protection departments announced the environmental requirements, do not need to relocate the factory that can continue to produce.


Our enterprises of the water-based industrial iron products with the majority of the market for such as: cars, containers, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, indoor and outdoor machinery, steel all kinds of iron and so on; its physical and chemical properties and traditional paint flat even in the salt Fog and artificial aging over traditional solvent-based paints.

Solvent-based environmental protection paint & industrial water paint

Solvent type (coating) coating line (production line) summary

1, according to the current major OEMs of the coating line most of the status of shot pills, pickling phosphating, electrophoresis paint, rust after painting, and because of historical reasons (in the past to solve the problem) The main plant coating line design, the vast majority of the use of the traditional solvent-based epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat, solvent-based bottom, topcoat use of large amount of solvent (low solids) emissions of a large number of volatile Solvent VOCs, causing serious pollution to the environment.

2, provinces and cities, especially a second-tier cities, coastal cities, provincial capitals have issued their own city's environmental requirements, and in the paint production enterprises and the need to paint a major impact, so the traditional solvent-based industrial paint will Greatly limited by the use of cities and regions.

3, whether it is forced by the pressure of the government or the development of their own needs, the traditional solvent-based coating will be environmentally friendly and water-based (paint) replaced, so almost all of the paint manufacturers and enterprises to be painted Must be (paint and coating) upgrade, towards a more environmentally friendly and more pollution-free direction.

4, San De enterprises epoxy primer spray paint mixed VOCs ≤ 280g / L, polyurethane paint spray paint mixed with VOCs ≤ 360 / L in line with the State Administration of Taxation VOC emission standards. And to be the end of 2017 before the capture of environmentally friendly epoxy primer VOCs ≤ 200g / L, environmentally friendly polyurethane topcoat VOCs ≤ 360 / L. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other small cities, the VOCs emission indicators in full compliance with the local government's environmental requirements. The volatile gas toxicity control in the smallest, with the EU, should export all the standards.


Properties of industrial paint coatings and coating summary

1, conditional enterprises or new coating lines of enterprises, it is recommended one step in place with water-based epoxy primer and water-based polyurethane finish, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other large cities have released volatile VOCs should be controlled In the 110 grams / L (inclusive) within the control index in addition to water-based paint and water-soluble type of products, the solvent-based products can not be achieved, water-based industrial coating coating requirements are not spray paint a need for low temperature drying ( 70-80 ° / 30-40min), since the dry can, but need to spray the second after 24 hours, it affects the efficiency of the production line.

2, there are already a small number of paint manufacturers have the ability to develop water-based industrial paint and put into use, three German enterprises in 2016 launched the water-based epoxy series primer and water-based polyurethane series (weather-resistant) finish, is to change the current market On the solvent-based (paint) produce a large number of volatile VOCs criticized and developed and promote the application of the market.

3, San De enterprises of water-based epoxy primer and water-based weather-resistant polyurethane finish, volatile solvent VOCs content of less than 60g / L the following. At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the following city industrial paint VOCs limited to 110g / L below, the use of three German industrial water paint can easily hit the most stringent environmental requirements, so the three German is the domestic machinery industry paint the most Good choice.


"Conclusion" to the entrepreneur

"Investment in environmental protection, is the future of investment enterprises" For enterprises, the correct view of environmental protection work, not only to establish a good image, access to public and social recognition, improve brand influence, but also bring other competitive advantages, such as To achieve technological innovation and resource utilization rate improvement. In the long run, enterprises do environmental protection work, not only conducive to the improvement of the ecological environment, but also through the acquisition of competitive advantage to achieve their own sustained and healthy development.

Note: For more information on industrial paint parameters, see: Equipment Manufacturing - Industrial Water Paint Series


Domestic well-known construction machinery giant enterprise coating San De industrial water paint, spray effect of the industry was well received.

<Appendix 1> Waterborne Polyurethane Finish Technical Specifications (two-component)
序号 Test items Technical indicators Detection method
1 Original paint appearance No foreign body, no lumps, easy to stir even the liquid GB6753.3
2 Coating color appearance The film is smooth and smooth, the color meets the palette requirements, allowing a slight color difference Visual inspection
3 Hiding power, g / ㎡ ≤ Yellow 110, gray, iron red 80 GB1726
4 Viscosity (coated with 4 cups of 25 ℃) ≥ 75 GB1723 
5 Fineness μm ≤ 40 GB6753.1
6 Solid% ≥ 55 GBH1725
7 Surface dry h (25 ℃) ≤ 1 GB1728
Hard dry h (25 ℃) ≤ 72 GB1728
Drying (80 ± 2 ℃) h 0.5 GB1728
8 Adhesion (grade) Draw a circle GB9286 GB1720 
9 Pencil hardness (scrape) ≥ Drying ≥ H, outdoor self-drying 72h ≥ H GB6739
10 Flexibility mm ≤ 2 GB6742
11 Impact resistance Kg • cm 50 GB1732
12 Applicable period h (25 ℃) ≥ 6 HG/T3668
13 Grinding (20 times, 320 # sandpaper) Easy to polish, non-stick sandpaper GB1770
14 Water resistance (25 ℃) 240h does not blister, do not wrinkle, do not fall off GB5209
16 Acid resistance (25 ℃ 0.05mol / L H2SO4) 48h no blistering, no wrinkles, allowing slight discoloration GB9274
16 Alkali resistance (25 ℃ 0.1mol / L NaOH) 48h no blistering, no wrinkles, allowing slight discoloration GB9274
17 Oil resistance (25 ℃ 10 transformer oil) 24h no significant changes in appearance, no blistering, do not fall off GB9274
18 Resistant to gasoline 24h no significant changes in appearance, no blistering, do not fall off GB9274
19 Wet heat resistance 300h Level 1 GB1740
21 Salt-resistant (single-layer primer) 480d crossed at the unilateral rust width ≤ 2mm, no film rust rust phenomenon GB1771
22 Compatibility with other coatings And epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane and other coatings, no blistering, bite the end, and other abnormalities 目测
  Description: 1, 1-13 production batch approved self-test, 14-21 six months self-test once;  
                      2, 2-21 performance indicators once a year to send qualified inspection.  
            San Deli Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd.
            Technical Department   Quality Supervision Department
No. Test items Technical indicators Detection method
1 Paint film color and appearance To provide a model, the color difference ΔE ≤ 1 GB9761
2 Original paint No foreign body, no lumps, easy to stir even the liquid GB3186
3 Viscosity, (coated with 4 cups of 25 ℃) ≥ 75 GB1723
4 Nonvolatile content% ≥ 50 GB1725
5 Fineness, μm ≤ 20 GB6753.1
6 Hiding power, g / ㎡ ≤ White, red 120, yellow 110, gray, black 80 GB1726
7 Table dry, h (25 ℃) ≤ 1 GB1728
Hard work, h (25 ℃) ≤ 72 GB1728
Drying (80 ± 2 ℃) h 0.5 GB1728
8 Applicable period h (25 ℃) 6 HG/T3668
9 Glossy, 60 ° ≥ 92 GB9754
10 Pencil hardness (abrasion) ≥ Drying ≥ 2H, outdoor self-drying 72h ≥ 2.H GB6739
11 Adhesion draw / circle, level ≤ 0/1 GB9286/1720
12 Flexibility, mm ≤ 2 GB6742
13 Impact resistance Kg • cm 50 GB1732
14 Water resistance h (25 ℃) 480h does not blister, do not wrinkle, do not fall off, allowing a slight discoloration loss GB5209
15 Acid resistance (25 ℃ 0.05mol / L H2SO4) 48h no blistering, no wrinkles, allowing slight discoloration GB9274
16 Alkali resistance (25 ℃ 0.1mol / L NaOH) 48h no blistering, no wrinkles, allowing slight discoloration GB9274
17 Oil resistance (No. 10 transformer oil) 24h no blistering, no wrinkles, allowing slight discoloration GB9274
18 Resistant to gasoline (93 # gasoline), h 24 hours do not blister, do not wrinkle, do not fall off, allowing a slight discoloration GB9274
19 Wet heat resistance 300h Level 1 GB1740
20 Salt resistance (bottom + face 80-100um) 800d crossed at the unilateral rust width ≤ 2mm, no film rust rust phenomenon GB1771
21 Temperature Tolerance (10 cycles) Paint film does not blister off, no cracking, no significant discoloration, loss of light GB13492
22 Resistant to artificial accelerated aging (Q-SUN white 1200h, other color 1000h) Should be no obvious cracking, powder, allowing a slight discoloration ΔE ≤ 3.0, loss of light ≤ 15%, powder 0 GB1865
  Description: 1, more than 1-13 production approved batch inspection; 14-22 semi-annual self-test once;  
                      2, 2-22 performance indicators once a year to send qualified inspection.  
             San Deli Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd.
            Technical Department   Quality Supervision Department



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