Quality Policy:

SanDe coating  Sustainable innovation
High - tech    Peace of mind to buy
Brand name products   safe to use
Bright and beautiful  watch Favorably


Environmental policy:

Care for the environment  Pollution prevention
save resources  Comprehensive utilization
Reduce energy consumption  To prevent extravagance


Our commitment:

International advanced paint companies can have the paint production technology, China's paint business will be able to have.
International advanced paint enterprises to produce products, China's paint business will be able to produce it!
Will be San De Li play with the international advanced level of paint and paint business, is the company's goal of each employee a total of fighting, but also our generation of paint and paint industry personnel who strive for the goal.
版权所有(C)三德利环保材料股份有限公司  闽ICP备00000000号
Business license number: 913713007884791675-1 National Enquiry Hotline: 010-68510592
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